Lessons from Indian mythology

In a blogpost Srujan Pakala retells a story from Indian mythology to argument about how stories can engage people in e-learning. Pakala ends his post with a question and a real cliffhanger: he will tell you the answer of the king in his next blogpost. That post I could not find! So I just repost the story and invite you to think about an answer.

The demon’s story went like this. Once upon a time there lived a king named George. He passed a law in his kingdom that no man can have more than one wife and cannot marry a married woman. If anyone found guilty he will be hanged.

There lived in that kingdom a young man named Thomas, the a son of a rich merchant. One day he saw a beautiful girl and decided to marry her. He went to her house and expressed his wish to the girl’s father. But the girl’s father replied that, his daughter is already engaged to another man. Thomas returned with a heavy heart and decided not to marry any other girl in his life. Hearing about Thomas, the girl also fell in love with him, but had to abide by her father and married another man, Daniel.

The honest girl informed about her love to her husband. Daniel being a kind hearted man allowed the girl to leave him and marry Thomas. The elated girl left her husband’s home and started her journey to Thomas’ place. On the way a thief accosted her and demanded her jewelry. The girl who was in the hurry told that she will give away her jewelry on her way back. Convinced of her honesty, the thief let her go.

Thomas listened to her and to the girl’s shock said that he would not marry a married woman and asked her to go back. On her way back, the disappointed girl was once again confronted by the thief who was waiting for her. Seeing her gloomy face, the thief asked what had happened. The girl narrated her story. He felt pity on her and said that she is very innocent and he would not steal her jewelry, and instead escorted her to Daniel’s house. After listening to his wife, Daniel said that he had given her a choice and she has chose to leave him. Now his doors were closed for her. The distressed girl ended her life.

The demon asked the king, Who is the person among the four characters who made a real sacrifice, without any selfish motive? Is that the girl or, the husband or, the lover or thief and why?

What’s your answer?


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